Neck  Width
XS 20 - 36 cm 1,5 cm
S 28 - 44 cm 1,5 cm
M 32 - 50 cm 2,0 cm
L 41 - 66 cm 2,5 cm


How do I measure my dog's neck?

To measure the neck (A), it is best to use a flexible measuring tape. Place the measuring tape around the middle of the neck or where the collar should sit later. Two fingers should fit between the neck and the measuring tape so that it is not too tight. 

Alternatively, you can measure an existing collar. Put the collar straight on the table and measure the length up to the used hole (Attention: Do not measure the whole collar!). If you have a buckle, you may only measure one side of the buckle!

The sizes of the adjustable collars always overlap a little, so you don't have to take the first or last hole for the right fit. If your dog's neck is at the upper end, we recommend the larger size.